Google Local Inventory Ads

Address your target group, promote your store inventory, and bring your physical store online!

Do you want to promote your local products and services and lead more potential buyers into your physical stores? Showcase your items with the powerful feature of Google Inventory ads and lead browsing Google Users to your local products? Do you want to ensure that your data meets all necessary requirements and that you are providing potential buyers with accurate product data?

Offer an overview of all relevant product information down to stock, sizes, descriptions, prices, and images to attract customers. Increase traffic to your local storefront and direct users to the nearest in-store options across all your local destinations and maximize your potential in physical sales. Well-structured and complete product data is the key success factor for the promotion of your local products with Google Local Inventory Ads.

With Channelpilot you can organize and optimize your data and link the inventory information of individual physical stores to your product data catalog, all in one tool! This way it’s guaranteed that customers, who make their way into your physical stores, find exactly what they are looking for and avoid disappointment resulting from inaccurate data.

Your result:

Find out now what you can achieve with Google Local Inventory Ads.

Anika Kreißl

We have been a satisfied Channel Pilot Pro customer for 6 years now and connect hundreds of international feed-based channels. In addition, the control modules enable us to effectively optimize the price search engines in all countries.

Anika Kreißl
Online Marketing Specialist

Jonas Glasneck

Channel Pilot Pro offers us many advantages in terms of ads. Especially the templates for product data feeds with local products and the product inventory are a great support in the setup process. Furthermore, Channel Pilot Pro is a reliable partner for us to submit our store inventory to Google in high frequency and to ensure that the displayed shoe is also available to the user locally.

Jonas Glasneck
Senior Online Marketing Manager

Oliver Stein

For Peter Hahn, Channel Pilot Pro is the perfect partner the feed management. Every day, over a hundred feeds are created and optimized with the easy-to-use feed engine. Channel Pilot Pro is the central solution, not only for price search engines, but also for all the feeds we need to create. This means that we can carry out optimizations in all feeds independently of IT, quickly and in a targeted manner.

Oliver Stein
Head of Performance Online Marketing

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Link your entire product catalog, with optimized data and automated actions, to over 2,000 channels worldwide.