Supplier Connection

Automate the product data delivery of your suppliers and partners via direct interface and save lots of time!

Do you work in a retail company and have many suppliers, vendors, partners, and brands that provide you with product feeds?

If so, you may have experienced that not all suppliers provide the product data to the quality, completeness, or timeliness that you require. In addition, entering or updating external data takes a lot of time and is associated with a high workload.

With the help of Channel Pilot Pro, you can fully automate this process and easily enter all external product data into your internal systems. Channel Pilot Pro can import all common data formats and transform these into the required formats of your system.

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Die größten E-Commerce-Unternehmen
setzen bereits auf Channel Pilot Pro

Wie unser Kunde OTTO die Lieferantenanbindung von Channel Pilot Pro erfolgreich nutzt, kannst Du in diesem Online-Webinar von Norbert Schönrock, Product Owner bei OTTO, erfahren:

Anika Kreißl

We have been a satisfied Channel Pilot Pro customer for 6 years now and connect hundreds of international feed-based channels. In addition, the control modules enable us to effectively optimize the price search engines in all countries.

Anika Kreißl
Online Marketing Specialist

Jonas Glasneck

Channel Pilot Pro offers us many advantages in terms of ads. Especially the templates for product data feeds with local products and the product inventory are a great support in the setup process. Furthermore, Channel Pilot Pro is a reliable partner for us to submit our store inventory to Google in high frequency and to ensure that the displayed shoe is also available to the user locally.

Jonas Glasneck
Senior Online Marketing Manager

Oliver Stein

For Peter Hahn, Channel Pilot Pro is the perfect partner the feed management. Every day, over a hundred feeds are created and optimized with the easy-to-use feed engine. Channel Pilot Pro is the central solution, not only for price search engines, but also for all the feeds we need to create. This means that we can carry out optimizations in all feeds independently of IT, quickly and in a targeted manner.

Oliver Stein
Head of Performance Online Marketing

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Optimize performance according to individual KPIs & control your products and prices on all channels.

Marketplace Integrations

Increase your online presence and sell products on relevant marketplaces.

Feed Management

Link your entire product catalog, with optimized data and automated actions, to over 2,000 channels worldwide.