ChannelPilot–E–Commerce–Suite Starter Plus Premium
Price per Month Provisional Prices for the Service. These will be billed monthly and incurred independent from the use. $29 $99 $199
Setup fee Price of setting up the product. The cost is one-off.    $149    $149 $149   $0
Shops included With a ChannelPilot account you can manage and integrate more than one online shop. This value shows the inclusive number of online shops. You can add on further online at any time at a fee. 1 2 3
Additional Shops This is the surcharge for adding more online shops than the inclusive number. The sum incurred monthly. $29/Month $29/Month $29/Month
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  • Connecting to price comparison sites
  • Feed Engines
  • Product Listing Ads
Inclusive Clicks Marketing channels generate a lot of visitors, who click on offers and generate clicks. These site visitors will be taken to your online shop. This is the number of included clicks per package. Exceeding this number incurs a possible cost. Unused inclusive clicks will not be credited or transfered to the following month. 1000 4000 10000
Price per Additional Click Exceeding the included quota means each additional click incurs this cost. This sum will be included in the bill at the end of the month. The click costs of marketing channels are not included in this price. $0.05 $0.03 $0.02
Inclusive Channel Costs It states here whether or not ChannelPilot incurs the accrued costs on these connected marketing channels. no no no
Setup per Channel This describes the costs for activating a marketing channel. This is a one time set up fee. free free free
Preparation per Channel Price for setting up the marketing channel. This sum will be calculated monthly and is accrued independent of use. free free free
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ModulConnecting to marketplaces
Setup per Marketplace and Shop This states the costs for activating a marketplace. The cost for activating a marketplace is a one time setup fee and it is incurred per online shop connected to the marketplace. $299 $299 $299
Provision per Marketplace and Shop The provision charge of a marketplace will be billed on a monthly basis, independent of use. This is also incurred for each individual and connected online shop which use the marketplace. $199/Month $199/Month $199/Month
User fee in % of Gross Sales This value describes the variable costs of use and depends on the generated sales on the marketplace. These sales include all additional costs and taxes, before cancellations, returns etc. 1.0% 0.5% 0.25%
Inclusive Channel Costs It states here whether or not ChannelPilot incurs the accrued costs on the connected marketplace. no no no
ModulMarket Price Analysis
Number of Included Monitored Products This value defines the maximum number of products, whose prices can be monitored per month, included in the package. Exceeding this number is only possible by adding additonal price query contingent. 40 40 40
Inclusive Price Query Contingent per Month The value states the number of free price queries that can be made per month. Exceeding this number possible but only by arranging additional query contingent. 12003 12003 12003
Each Additional Query Here is the surcharge for a market price query. This cost is incurred when the inclusive amount per month is exceeded. $0.01 $0.01 $0.01
Additional Query Contingent The pricing of the Market Price Analysis is dependent on the package you choose (i.e. the number of price queries). You can choose a package wich meet your needs. The package is valid for each month. If the included package amount is not reached, the left over queries will not be transferred to the following month. Payment for unused contingent is also not possible.

Training (Webinar) You will recieve a personal schooling of the service from one of our technical consultants. ChannelPilot will be explained to you in detail and any questions you have will be answered.

Registration of the online shop to the chosen channels The ChannelPilot team will happily setup the marketing channels for you and register you name on the channel, dealing with all technical issues. Appropriate authorisation is necessary for this.

Personal Installation of ChannelPilot’s configuration via systen logon One of our technical consultants will install it for you personally. With you, the data feeds will be individually imported, the filter installed and the exports defined etc.

Creation of a basis report according to your wishes In cooperation with our technical consultant, you reporting wishes will be developed and, with you, put on ChannelPilot.

Investigation and analysis of the optimal channels for your online shop Our marketing professionals will analyse your product portfolio and research which marketing channels would be recommendable for your shop e.g. by assessing their potential.

Connecting your shop/ERP system to ChannelPilot Our technical consultants will analyse your infrastructure and connect these to ChannelPilot subject to your specifications.

Monthly review of the configuration (Analysis of Potential) Our marketing professionals and technical consultants will check your configurations and connected channels monthly, with the focus on finding any weak points and optimisation possibilities.

CostsTotal cost inc. VAT
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You have more than 20.000 clicks, more than $100.000 of sales on marketplaces or wish to make more than 300.000 price analysis queries per month?

All prices for ChannelPilot are inclusive of VAT. An accounting month is a calender month. The invoice shall be generated on the first of the month. In the starting month, you only pay the packet price pro rata.

Price Overview

2 The first 1.000 (STARTER) / 4.000 (PLUS) / 10.000 (PREMIUM) clicks are included in the basic monthly price. Unused inclusive clicks expire at the end of the month. The transfer or collection of these inclusive clicks is not possible. The costs of clicks on certain marketing channels are not included in the ChannelPilot costs.

3 Sufficient for around 40 products to have their prices updated on a daily basis.