Dynamic Pricing

Adjust product prices
to current market conditions!

Adjust product prices to current market conditions!

How would you like to successfully react to market situations any time of day, increasing sales and margins?

Channel Pilot Pro’s dynamic price adjustment solution, was created to give you the ability to automatically adjust prices in real time – providing optimized pricing to gain the competitive edge.

The ideal price

Calculate your best, most competitive price through information from over 200 price comparison sites, 50 marketplaces, and 3rd party systems worldwide. Data from Channel Pilot Pro’s market price analysis module serves as the basis, allowing you to automatically calculate the most attractive sales price.

Processing speed

To the minute import/export updates. Real-time processing provides immediate data access to continuously realize sales potentials.

Processing speed

To the minute import/ export updates. Real-time processing provides immediate data access to continuously realize sales potentials.

Import & Export

Data transfers occur via API, preconfigured shops, and ERP connections in formats such as, CSV, XML, YML via FTP(S) or HTTP(S).

Your result:

Find out now what you can achieve with Dymanic Pricing.

Further features for success:

Pricing strategies

Always in position one, cheaper than a certain competitor, and/or price above a set contribution margin. Use set rules to automatically implement any strategy.


Use KPI based information to set control modules (i.e. for price groups, surcharge strategies, or historical article overviews).

Monitor your competition

BI data is crucial for strategic product decisions. With Channel Pilot Pro, you can capture not only prices, but also information about the content of the competitor's products and export it, for example, for your BI tool.

Anika Kreißl

We have been a satisfied Channel Pilot Pro customer for 6 years now and connect hundreds of international feed-based channels. In addition, the control modules enable us to effectively optimize the price search engines in all countries.

Anika Kreißl
Online Marketing Specialist

Jonas Glasneck

Channel Pilot Pro offers us many advantages in terms of ads. Especially the templates for product data feeds with local products and the product inventory are a great support in the setup process. Furthermore, Channel Pilot Pro is a reliable partner for us to submit our store inventory to Google in high frequency and to ensure that the displayed shoe is also available to the user locally.

Jonas Glasneck
Senior Online Marketing Manager

Oliver Stein

For Peter Hahn, Channel Pilot Pro is the perfect partner the feed management. Every day, over a hundred feeds are created and optimized with the easy-to-use feed engine. Channel Pilot Pro is the central solution, not only for price search engines, but also for all the feeds we need to create. This means that we can carry out optimizations in all feeds independently of IT, quickly and in a targeted manner.

Oliver Stein
Head of Performance Online Marketing

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Market Price Analysis

Monitor the competition at any time and receive immediate access a market overview of all your products.

Product Data Optimization

Optimize your product data feed, securing the best placement on sales channels.

Feed Management

Link your entire product catalog, with optimized data and automated actions, to over 2,000 channels worldwide.