Google Shopping & CSS

Why it's worth selling via Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a substantial component of international e-commerce, because, for most customers, the search for a desired product begins with a Google search. With a good listing here, you can reach potential customers right at the beginning of their search and guide them to your store with meaningful ads. With Channel Pilot Pro you can easily adapt your product feed to all Google-specific requirements and ensure the best possible listing. And you’ll always be up-to-date, because as soon as Google extends its functionality or adapts specifications, they’ll quickly be adopted in Channel Pilot Pro.

Google Shopping & CSS in Channel Pilot Pro

… and many more CSS partners on request!

How to connect your shop to Google Shopping and other CSS with Channel Pilot Pro

With Channel Pilot Pro your connection to Google Shopping and its CSS partners is fast and easy. With automated feed customization and Channel Pilot Pro’s control and analysis capabilities, you can optimize your listing to maximize visibility in product searches.

This is how it works

Step 1:

We create a Channel Pilot Pro account for you and you create one at Google Shopping or a partner of your choice.

Step 2:

Import your master feed into Channel Pilot Pro and assign the data fields.

Step 3:

Select the desired channel in Channel Pilot Pro.

Step 4:

Determine which products to transfer to Google Shopping or your CSS partner.

Step 5:

Assign product categories and map your data easily with the channel specific data fields.

Step 6:

Finalize your export and let the sales begin!

Step 7:

Analyze your accumulated data and optimize your listing according to your KPIs.

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